Our journeys should be the midwives of new and better selvesAlain de Botton 

British Airways High Life on line magazine, November 2012


I was born and raised on the Italian West Coast, i.e. in Naples with its wonderful bay (the Bay of Naples, also known as the Gulf of Naples). The light that I absorbed at these latitudes has turned into photographic curiosity thanks to the Pentax ME Super, the SLR camera I borrowed to my father (I have never returned it to him,  of course!!!) .

In my journey in the true American West Coast I realized that photography would become a true passion. In 2009, National Geographic Italy magazine published two of my photographs: since then the camera has been my inseparable companion in Europe, Africa and America. Back in the U.S.A., but this time to the east , I attend in New York a postgraduate photography course in "Social Landscape" at the International Center of Photography. Today, with photography I scan the world and its forms, even the most intimate and personal, I flatter myself to stop time or the spirit of a place, I try to transform faces and figures in reverential icons. Or so I hope, at least until the curiosity will keep me alive.


P.S. For almost 15 years I have been living in Milan where, since there isn't good light, I occupy my time with marketing and communication.